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Penguin Profiles

There are endless opportunities at Dominican, and honestly, there is so much beauty on this campus I couldn’t help but fall in love. ”

Samantha, Psychology, ‘19
Penguin Profiles

I knew Dominican was my choice when I learned about the internship and research possibilities.”

Lyvin, Biology, ‘21
Penguin Profiles

At Dominican I was given the opportunity to follow my passion and to travel the globe with my peers. ”

Olivia, International Studies, ‘19
Penguin Profiles

When I saw Dominican for the first time I knew I had found a new home. ”

Zach, Biology, ‘23
Penguin Profiles

Once I met the faculty in the business department, that really changed my decision and moved Dominican to the top of the list. ”

Jake, Business, ‘18
Penguin Profiles

Dominican is a beautiful place with such a strong sense of community; I knew this was where I wanted to be. ”

Meera, Nursing, ‘19