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Attending Dominican has challenged me in more ways than one, but it has primarily given me the tools in my toolbox to become an effective leader in the Navy. Moreover, it has instilled in me the core values of study, reflection, community and service, which I implement into all that I do. ”

Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) Justin Valdez ’15
Penguin Profiles

I had decided I did not want to be a doctor, but I didn’t know where to go with my science. After taking Dr. Kenneth Frost’s Environmental Chemistry class, it opened my eyes to a lot of other things I could do, and how to specialize with the skills I had learned. I switched to something I wanted to do personally for myself. ”

Victor David '17
Penguin Profiles

I remember my first art history class with Professor Sandy Chin. It was mind blowing…I just fell in love with it.”

Tashina Garcia-Garza ’08, ‘14
Penguin Profiles

I'm just glad that I've had the opportunities that I've had every year at Dominican, and I know that I owe much of what I've done to the support from my advisors, friends, and the staff and faculty.”

Hallie Balch '18
Penguin Profiles

I was at an inflection point in my life and career. I had 20 years of experience working in the medical device field and now I had gained all this new-found knowledge of sustainable principles going back to school at Dominican. NewGen Surgical is a culmination of experience, education, understanding and insight, and the desire to help put the health care Industry on a more sustainable path.”

Rob Chase, MBA '00 &'11
Penguin Profiles

Where do I start? Everything. It comes from the minute you step on campus. When I was looking at colleges I wanted the best of both. I wanted athletics. I wanted academics. I needed both.”

Casey Gibson '13


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